Personalized BrüMate Rehydration Water Bottle - Glitter Charcoal


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The most functional water bottle of its kind - the BrüMate ReHydration Bottle is a 25oz canteen with two functions: Hydration Mode, and Party Mode. Holds 25oz of your favorite liquor so you can keep your spirits ice-cold while on-the-go with a leak-proof, twist-off lid that doubles as a 1.5oz shot glass. Or, screw on the included straw lid with a durable, easy-carry handle , so you can rehydrate the morning after and use it as your all day go-to hydration bottle for any occasion or activity. Drink Better. Whenever. Wherever.

We are an authorized dealer with BrüMate, that specializes in Laser engraving. With over 15 years experience in Autocade, Adobe illustrator and fabrication, with the help of our bad ass machine-Trotec, you will only get top quality, clean designs that are permanent. Since we do NOT use vinyl or any form of stickers, we are unable to add color to your Brumate. The laser machine, is basically taking away the powder coating and you are left with the beauty of the stainless as your image/name. This is what makes it permanent.

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